Private Room

7th – 22nd June 2018
Group exhibition
“Clean cube – Kritik der
reinen Vernunft”

Coop-lab OÖ Kulturquartier & Art University Linz
Curated by Anne von der Heiden


detail close-up
210 x 140 x 1,5 cm
semi-transparent silicon on felt carpet with nails

Untitled (carpet), 2017
210 x 140 x 1,5 cm
hand woven carpet,
semi-transparent silicon

Untitled (installed wall), 2017
200 x 90 x 120 cm
wood, white silicon, steel

Untitled (sideboard black high gloss), 2017
125 x 120 x 21 cm
steel, oil, oxidblack pigments

“The private and the public are connected.”

            Private Room is based on set pieces of a schematic mobilar. The basic elements use are installed in situ, covering the floor, taking up space, creating space dividing and delimiting in situ. The interest is focused on the nature of the materials.

        In ambivalence, surfaces bear witness to their material character, while at other points they conceal or even manipulate it in other places: Are they sanded, polished, filed, coated, shaped, lacquered, laminated, protected, optimised or untreated? Decisions commonly made between comfort and purpose. Anti-scratch, anti-grease or anti-scratch, anti-grease or anti-soiling coatings, wear and tear, retouching and protective coatings are part of – and at the same time antithesis of the history of the object. The private and the public are connected.

CLEAN CUBE: Zur Kritik der reinen Vernunft (Linzer Augen) Paperback – 1 Nov. 2021
by Jasmin Mersmann (Herausgeber), Anne von der Heiden (Herausgeber)