Eveline Handlbauer

is a sculptor / visual artist 
based in Austria.


Thick air
Parallel vienna
It´s better to get off quickly
Benefits & prototypes –
the meaning of vertical

Private room
Measuring the sky
Hang over balcony
Dickflüssig und dünnblütig

SELECTED WORKS from the last years
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Living in a material world (...) 

Dealing with the complexity of human experience and perception is of central importance to my work, for example questions about desire, meaningfulness and alienation. I see the world as a „built and constructed world“ and my sculptures are an expression of what has developed and consolidated in the course  of modernization.
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Measuring the sky

12nd August –
15th September 2016
OK Offenes Kulturhaus
Höhenrausch – Fremde Engel.
A Coperation with Humboldt University Berlin. 

Untitled (standardized shades of blue), 2016
120 x 80 x 1 cm
color cards on paper, wood, acrylic glass

Untitled (standardized shades of blue), 2016
120 x 80 x 1 cm c
color cards on paper, wood, acrylic glass

Untitled (measuring the sky), 2016
pendulum brass
50 x 60 cm
Fine art print on barytpaper

Untitled (measuring the sky), 2016
pendulum brass
50 x 60 cm
Fine art print on barytpaper

Measuring the sky

The geometrization of space. The laws of movement and gravity. From mythical thinking to practical reason. There is a network of straight lines, angles and numbers. The invention of science is the demythization of the world. From the atomic particle to the whole of the planet. It is measured and illuminated.

            Mountains, valleys, rivers, temperature, oxygen, currents, magnetism, longitudes and latitudes. Measurement is the quantitative detection of a geometric and physical quantity. An attempt to explain the world. An attempt to get order into disorder. to remove ambiguities. transparency and knowledge. Meter, kilogram, second, amp, kelvin, volt.

            A measurement enables the quantitative statement about a measured variable by comparison with a unit. The measurement of two or more results relates the objects to one another. Enables comparison, evaluation, and classification.
Measuring promises clarification and thus absolute truth. A truth that articulates itself about standardized units.

            The unified science and the dictate of rationality. Accordingly, all phenomena of the universe are to be explained in principle by fundamental science. Logical empiricism. Empirical reality. The search for the order and unity of life. The victory of instrumental reason. "Whenever things scare you, it's a good idea to measure them."