Benefits & prototypes – the meaning of vertical 

June 2019
K2 Linz, Domgasse 1

Exhibition view

untitled (daybed with neck roll),
2018 200 x 90 x 38 cm
concrete, gypsum

untitled (frame), 2018
60 x 40 x 70 cm
wood, rubber

untitled (staircase), 2018
ca. 120 x 170 x 150 cm
concrete, hard foam

untitled (supporting structure four), 2018
120 x 37 x 140 cm

                I´m a lover of concrete. I love the strength of concrete buildings. Their architecture promising improvement for almost every corner of human life. They embody pure optimism.  
In the difficult post-war periods architects trying to find new improved conditions for human life. The emerging possibilities of concrete allowed them new shapes, new and better ideas for society. Bringing every single person – even the ordinary working-class people – improved material circumstances and the chance of a longer, healthier, better educated life with better housing and working conditions. An important era for the further development and continuation of the triumph of modernity.

Shoulderstand, The meaning of vertical
70 x 38 cm
Fine art print on baryt paper